Parmenides was the first philosopher and the first poet of physics. Parmenides Books is an imprint of Rune Press Ltd. (London) and publishes cross-overs between science and poetry, body and mind, physics and neuroscience.

The first two Parmenides books are by Seán Haldane, poet and neuroscientist. Future books will include Neurodynamic Psychotherapy by Jose Ignacio Xavier, a consultant neuropsychiatrist based in Rio de Janeiro.


From Wilhelm Reich to Neurodynamic Psychotherapy

This book aims to place pulsation where it belongs, as definitive of life. Understanding our human pulsation has huge implications in understanding issues of health and illness, pleasure and pain, happiness and despair. But understanding how pulsation functions in the context of a non-pulsating universe, and how its presence distinguishes the living from the non-living, also has huge implications in understanding nature at large.

The neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp (1943-2017) wrote about this book:
Pulsation – a fine definition of life! I had usually thought of a definition along the lines of integrated activities initiated from within the membranes of bodily objects in supportive worlds. . . but they are perfectly resonant.’


The Paradox of Poetry and Physics

As I read Parmenides, he does not claim that change does not exist. He states the paradox that it cannot logically exist yet it appears to exist. This kind of paradox is the stuff of poetry. Since the arrival of quantum physics it is the stuff of physics too.