Rune Press in its Pocket Poems brings the German ‘Taschenbuch’* tradition into the English speaking world, with quality hardbacks which are small enough to be genuine pocket books.

Whether Complete Poems, Collected Poems, or Selected Poems, or whether 100 or up to 500 pages long, they really do fit in the pocket of an overcoat, a jacket or a handbag.

They are 9 by 15 cm – only twice the size of an I-Phone. They also look elegant on a shelf. They won’t fall to bits. Their small size makes them economical in price for books of this quality – yet their typeface is easy to read. They are made to be enduring books for enduring poems.

*In Germany there is a very long tradition of small books, going back centuries, and a collection of Goethe’s poems in 1798 was referred to as a ‘Taschenbuch’, i.e. ‘pocket book’. The famous Insel Verlag Taschenbuch series began in 1912, and other publishers continue the tradition. German pocket books are distinct from Anglo-American and French by being smaller: usually 3 ¾ by 6 inches / 9 by 15 cm. A typical Anglo-American paperback size is 15 by 20 cm, and the French ‘Livres de Poche’ series are usually 11 by 16.5 cm.